Kids Yoga Classes


Join Ronald for a fun kids yoga practice that develops strong minds and bodies! Recaka pre-school to 5th-grade programming is based on the concept of yoga stories where kids develop critical thinking skills, flexibility, and mindfulness through yoga play.  Adolescent classes from grade 6 to 12 are tailored to assist pre-teen & teenagers cope with stress while also exercising their bodies. All Recaka Kids programs are based on national physical education standards using course materials from Yoga Ed., the leader in children’s yoga education in America.

Private Yoga Classes


Private classes are scheduled at the student’s convenience and are modified according to his/her personal goals. Each class lasts about 1 hour and includes one or more students. Many of our clients like to practice with their friends and/or family and we encourage you to bring a classmate! We offer discounts for group classes and can modify asanas depending on the goals of each individual student. Regardless of which class format you choose, make sure to bring water, a towel, and a mat.

Personal Training


Training sessions with Recaka occur in a natural environment free of loud music, grunting gym brats, and pressure to look beautiful while you sweat!  Our one-hour sessions are part of an increasing trend in the United States that aims to move exercise—especially resistance training—outside the gym.  Sessions with Recaka use equipment suited for the outdoors such as resistance bands, swiss balls, and the natural weight of the client. Let us prove to you results can be seen outside of the sterile gym atmosphere!