What is Recaka

The word recaka (pronounced Re-cha-ka) means “exhalation” in Sanskrit and is considered part of pranayama, or “breath control.” According to the yoga sutras, asana (poses) & pranayama are the highest aspects of balancing the body and mind. Recaka incorporates both pranayama & asana instruction in our yoga classes. We also provide personal fitness evaluation, programming, and training.

What is Yoga

Yoga is a Sanskrit word, meaning “union.” We can think of yoga as the union between body, mind, and spirit. The concept of yoga is complex and many early students relate to yoga through the various physical poses called asanas. In fact, asanas are only one of the eight limbs of yoga according to yoga sutras (teachings). Other aspects of yoga include meditation, outer awareness, and breath control.

Is Yoga Merely Stretching

When performing asanas, yoga practitioners are involved with stretching their muscles, but other processes also occur. Asana develop strength, mindfulness, and balance. Concentration on one’s breath and proper alignment are also vital elements of maintaining various asanas. Classes with Recaka incorporate all eight limbs of yoga with asana as the base to beginning one’s personal yoga journey.


About the Instructor

ronaldgilliamRonald practiced various styles of yoga for over 15 years and is an American Council for Exercise (ACE) certified Personal Trainer since 2007 and an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) since 2013. He trained with Beth Shaw and Claudia Micco from the Yogafit school since 2008 and received his 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (200-RYT) certification through Yoga Alliance in 2013. In 2015, he completed his certification for teaching yoga to children (RCYT) and adolescents through Yoga Ed. Ronald is interested in both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga and has used his practice to incorporate “present-ness” into his daily life.